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How Yoga can Transform your Professional Life

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”

Hillary Clinton’s comment puts it plain and simple - your career and profession are parts of your life, rather than the other way round. To maintain a healthy and balanced professional life and keep your successful career on track, you need to be in good health. A healthy body and a healthy mind hold the key to any progress in life.

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The age of cut-throat competition forces you to cut corners, skip meals or hurry through them, ignore exercising, reduce your hours for sleep and basically build on stress. No matter whatever your profession is, the rat race does not allow you to slow down or even pause to catch your breath.

Andrew Wilkinson, the founder of MetaLab, rightly said “you don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful" A balance is crucial between your work life and personal life. If you put too much emphasis on your career, ignoring the needs of your personal life, health and family, the risk of burning out soon becomes higher. Fighting fatigue and exhaustion then becomes a bigger obstacle than anything else.

One of the most effective practices that help you retain a sustainable balance between work and health is yoga. The benefits of yoga are immeasurable. Practiced by everyone since ancient ages from mendicants, royals, and sages to learned men and common people, yoga has today emerged as an effective workout regime for the modern day professional.

Here are five ways how yoga can improve your professional life and can help enhance your productivity:

Yoga for Stress Relief

Insomnia has emerged as a major health issue among working professionals who hardly get time to sleep for even a minimum of six to seven hours because of work pressure and stress. Mental and emotional stress impacts productivity and can lead to several ailments including diabetes, heart diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. A few minutes of yoga every day is effective in helping you regulate breathing and gradually release stress and tension from your body and mind.

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Helps with concentration

Lengthy meetings and tight deadlines are pretty much an integral part of any corporate work culture nowadays. Yoga is the best way to take a well-deserved short break from work to rejuvenate the body and mind. Also, meditating for a few minutes before or after work would definitely soothe your taut nerves to a significant extent.

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Relief from Aches and Pains

A desk job does not leave you with much time to be active physically. Also staring at the computer screen for too long can affect your eyes. Practicing yoga every day can help you get welcome relief from headaches, shoulder pain, neck stiffness etc. It also enhances your thought process capability.

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Strengthens Immunity System

An unhealthy person is prone to catching infections frequently such as cold and cough. Though antibiotics help with curing these ailments, yoga works at the root of the problem and enhances your immunity system in a better manner. A good immunity system ultimately leads to an effective work capability at the workplace.

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Makes you emotionally positive

Yoga strengthens all aspects of your body, emotionally, mentally, and physically. A focused and energetic mind tends to be more creative and boosts your inner confidence, helping you to stay in a better frame of mind for work. No matter how hectic the assignment is, you will be able to achieve success in it.

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