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Top 5 Places to Holiday with Kids in the US

"The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself,” said renowned American poet Wallace Stevens. If you are bitten by the travel bug, any time is a good time to explore new places and experience new cultures, food, attire, traditions, languages and lifestyles. Nothing can be more enjoyable than vacationing with kids. It is an experience of its own kind as you begin seeing the world from their eyes and discover a new way of looking at things, even the most mundane ones, with excitement.

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Here is our handpicked list of 5 enthralling places to holiday that your kids would definitely love to visit:

1. Walt Disney World Resort – Orlando

The Walt Disney World Resort at Orlando is one of the most popular children’s destination for the same reasons that made you fall in in love with it as a kid; it has got all your favorite Disney characters roaming around, the ever-exciting rides, the numerous eateries offering lip-smacking food and the overall Joie de vivre in the air.

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2. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon national park has a significant place in the rich American history and is a global tourist destination for kids and adults alike who like to witness the geological marvels the country of dreams has got to offer. There are a lot of fun activities going on in here around the year like kayaking, rafting, hiking, and riding the famous Grand Canyon railway. The Grand Canyon is a full entertainment package for the kids and won’t burn a big hole in your pocket either.

3. Maui – Hawaii

This lush green and refreshingly beautiful Hawaiian island is a must visit for kids of all ages, thanks to the numerous sights it has got to offer. If your kid has worked on science project on volcano at the school, take her to the Haleakala National Park to watch the mesmerizing volcano. What’s better than watching it live! Take a stroll down the Wailea Beach while your kids enjoy splashing around in the cool blue waters. There is also a learning center at Maui Ocean Center that provides great information about Hawaii’s enchanting underwater ecosystems.

4. San Diego

This sandy paradise is a perfect holiday destination for both children and adults. Take your kids to the famous San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld to get see the most stunning animals and birds. Witness live natural orca behaviors up close as the SeaWorld acquaints you with the ocean’s most powerful predator – the killer whale. Explore the history of railways and railroads in the Balboa Park, home to the renowned San Diego Model Railroad Museum.

5. Honolulu – Oahu

Honolulu has numerous children-friendly beaches that offer exciting activities like snorkeling, sea diving, and swimming with the ever-friendly dolphins that kids love to do. The water part at Wet ‘n’ Wild is yet another super fun designation for kids. With all the natural beauty spreading in all directions, spending an evening at one of the beaches at Honolulu and star gazing is definitely an experience in itself.

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