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Best Shoes To Help You Survive This Winter

When we think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind for many of us, are coats. But, if you really think about it, the one thing we use the most during the winter are shoes. We bounce back and forth between shoes for the cold weather, as well as shoes for all the holiday parties we go to during the season. Since, some days are colder than others, the boots we may have worn on a 45 degree day, will not be the same we wear on a 15 degree day. It’s a constant juggle of shoes. Therefore, come winter season, it’s important to stock up your closet with a wide variety of shoes, that will keep you both warm and glamorous. Finding those key shoes can be overwhelming with so much to choose from. Therefore, here are some of the top picks for the season of chills and thrills.

Ultimate Warmth, Without The Bulk

While it may seem challenging to stay very warm without being bulky, it can be done. These Sperry Walker Wind Boots are waterproof, and are lined with micro fleece inside. This way, your feet are blanketed in warmth all day, dry even on the snowiest days, and your look/feel remains comfortable and bulk-free.!
Sperry Walker Wind Boots, %store_name-Lord-Taylor%, $85
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Casual Going Out Bootie

Booties are the best transitional winter shoe. They’re not bulky in their appearance, are stylish, and still serve as a warm shoe. They can be matched with a variety of clothing options. Whether it’s pants, or skirt, the booties will always compliment evenly. This particular style is by Lucky Brand. They are the Basel Rubber Rain Booties. Their rustic tone makes them the perfect bootie for winter date nights, or casual outings with friends.
Lucky Brand Basel Rubber Rain Booties, %store_name-Lord-Taylor%, $79
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Boots For The Frigid Days

Booties aren’t going to cut it on those 15 degree days, with snow, and/or sleet. You basically need heaters on your feet, that will keep you toasty and dry from all the messy weather conditions. Queue in the heavy duty winter boots. These Hollytown Cold Weather Boots by Nine West, are polar plush lined inside for the ultimate warmth and comfort. These boots will allow you to feel cozy even in the most frigid temperatures.
Nine West Hollytown Cold Weather Boots, %store_name-Nine-West%, $149
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Boots To Impress

For the nights that it’s very cold, but you still have to dress up for a nice date, a dinner party, or a holiday party, you want a boot that is made to impress. The best pick for that are tall high heel boots. Plain ones are okay, but if you really want to show stop, you’ll want ones with unique detailing. Unique details step up their game completely. These are Nine West’s Jeliza Tall Boots. They stand apart from the rest with their suede/faux leather block, and lace detailing on side. Two details that will bring your entire ensemble to a whole other level.
Nine West’s Jeliza Tall Boots, %store_name-Nine-West%, $119
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Texture and Edge To The Rescue

Winter is all about layers. And, not layers meaning wear five sweaters on top of one another. Layers meaning, cardigans over tank tops, with a nice wool coat, and pashmina scarf, for example. Your layers must be done tastefully. When putting fashionable layers together, nothing will make them pop better than a textured boot or bootie. The best material for a textured boot/bootie, is suede. Kristin Cavallari’s Laurel Peep Toe Bootie, offers the best of both worlds. It has texture, and edge with its open toe, and slight slouch on top. It will mesh perfectly with off shoulder sweaters, blazers, or even ponchos.
Kristin Cavallari’s Laurel Peep Toe Bootie, %store_name-Nordstrom-rack%, $149
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Classic Always Wins

There is nothing more classic, timeless, and versatile for the holiday season than a pair of black stilettos. When it’s time to get all dolled up for holiday festivities, black stilettos always solve your outfit woes. Therefore investing in a quality and comfortable pair, is definitely worth it. Sam Edelman’s Hazel Pointy Toe Pump is a top pick for comfort and quality.
Sam Edelman’s Hazel Pointy Toe Pump, %store_name-Saks-Fifth-Avenue%, $119
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Ankle Strap Sandals Say Yes To The Dress

Holiday parties are always fun to dress up for. They give us the chance to leave the sweatshirt and leggings behind and bring out our favorite dresses and skirts. That means you will be showing off those legs! Ankle strap heeled sandals will accentuate your legs elegantly and beautifully. They will surely compliment your dress/skirt of choice. Vince Camuto’s Corlina Ankle Strap Sandal is a favorite amongst all women.
Vince Camuto’s Corlina Ankle Strap Sandal, Bloomingdale's, $131
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Holiday Glitz and Glam

The holiday season is one of the most elegant times of the year. Everything around you shines and sparkles, and so should you! Give life to any holiday ensemble with embellished shoes. After all, a festive season deserves festive shoes. Lauren Lorraine’s Ruby Embellished Half d’Orsay Pumps are a beautiful choice. They pair nicely with creams, nudes, and earth tones.
Lauren Lorraine’s Ruby Embellished Half d’Orsay Pumps, %store_name-ebay%, $49
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A Lazy Day’s Best Friend

During the cold winter months, we all have those days where we just don’t really want to get dressed or do anything for that matter. It’s normal to get lazy from time to time. And, for those type of days, nothing is better than a fuzzy, warm, comfortable set of moccasins. And, of course, if you want to feel like you’re walking on clouds, you have to go for Ugg Ansley Moccasins. They will provide you with enhanced warmth, durability, and you can wear them anywhere, as they are waterproof.
UGG Ansley Moccasins,, $99
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They’re For More Than Just Riding

Riding boots will become your go-to shoe of the winter. They are easy to wear and compliment a wide variety of winter looks. Sam Edelman’s Penny Riding Boots are the best option for a solid and good fit. They are made with quality materials, which will allow them to be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. They are best paired with skinny jeans/pants, or tights/leggings.
Sam Edelman’s Penny Riding Boots,, $149
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Stay Dry, Stay Warm With The Ducks

For the dreadful, wet, cold, messy days, you need duck boots. Duck boots are designed to be totally closed off, insulated, and waterproof. No snow, sleet, or rain will be getting in there! Sorel offers top-notch quality when it comes to duck boots. These are Sorel’s Slimpack II Lace Duck Boot. The inside has 100g of insulation. Consider duck boots your emergency winter weather shoes. Gotta have them! Gotta be prepared!
Sorel’s Slimpack II Lace Duck Boot,, $145
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Simple, Sexy, Sassy

For the nights where it’s very cold, but you still need shoes to complete your sexy, elegant look, queue in the stiletto heel booties. You’ll still have your heel look, but your feet will be completely covered, which is a plus on a chilly evening. Tip: Get mid-calf styles, so you can wear higher socks inside them, and be even warmer! These are Steve Madden’s Wagner booties. They’re fantastic to pair with skinny jeans or a midi skirt for a polished retro look.
Steve Madden’s Wagner Booties, %store_name-Steve-Madden%, $129
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